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We are a leader in both traditional and contemporary street furniture, helping you bring your visions to life.

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From benches to bollards, we meticulously design, engineer and manufacture every item of street furniture to deliver a great quality product with a long-standing durability.

We help to create places that promote social interaction and play a role in the creation of key memories. Carefully integrated designs and innovative use of materials and technology embody our commitment to produce functional, attractive and robust, ergonomically designed street furniture.

Our daily efforts consist of remaining current in the marketplace. This includes meeting the challenges we face when designing and welcoming growth through the ever-present need to protect the natural environment.

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Our Approach

The combination of both tested unique materials and manufacturing techniques is used in new and exciting ways, we take time to solve difficult engineering problems.

We listen to the invaluable suggestions, requirements, and ideas of landscape architects, contractors, City planners, councils/municipalities , designers, facility managers, urban planners, engineers, end-users, and customers throughout the world.

Our goal is to provide consistent value and quality in each component of our products: in every piece of steel, in every section of recycled plastic, in every item of hardware, and in every species of timber.

Thousands of our product installations can be found throughout the world as we export to more than twenty-six countries. We have earned a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of high-quality durable street furniture and we are always a competitive price.

We are here to serve our customers, the design community and the specifiers of our products. Our experienced personnel will be happy to respond to your requirements.

Our Reputation

We are the industry leader in integrated solutions of high-design specification street furniture and custom environments. We develop and create solutions that help designers and other clients achieve beautiful, functional landscapes that enhance the experience of outdoor space.

We collaborate with world-renowned designers to create world-class design and cultivate design consciousness at all levels of our company. Our efforts are driven by innovation and focused on providing targeted landscape solutions.

Our culture of participation, responsibility and integrity is focused on providing outstanding products and service.

We provide solutions and have immense experience in the street furniture market, we discuss, design, manufacture products to meet the requirements of each customer, working to allow the furniture to flow and compliment the landscape. We work with many designers who are experts in their fields and bring wealth of knowledge and unique viewpoints.

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We operate in 4 distinct product areas, which while they differ in many aspects, they also allow for overlaps and introduction of new innovation into each sector.

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