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From temporary to permanent, we have one of the widest ranges of physical security landscape protection solutions, with the cutting edge in bollards, road blockers and barriers.

Your Global Security Partner

Whether it's safety, high-security, traffic management or securing your home, we have the right solution so that you can protect what matters most, and gives you peace of mind.

Our solutions consider realistic threat profiles and operational requirements whilst not compromising on site aesthetics

We are Irelands leading provider of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) bollards and have been designing, installing and servicing crash tested high-security products for over 20 years. In that time our HVM security bollards have helped secure high profile sites around the world, using our local team of employed , trained and qualified engineers

Our products protect all aspects of everyday life including transport, Event security, Private Business Security, Residential Properties, Public Spaces, Critical national Infrastructure, Hospitals, power stations, embassies and data centres

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We operate in 4 distinct product areas, which while they differ in many aspects, they also allow for overlaps and introduction of new innovation into each sector.

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