ESF Exhibit at Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo 2023

ESF Exhibit in Riyadh at SEA 2023

ESF Exhibit at Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo 2023 - Environmental Street Furniture

ESF were proud to exhibit as part of the Experience UK Pavilion taking part in the largest gathering of the entertainment and leisure industry in the Middle East.

The Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo took place over 28th - 30th May and each day was as eventful and packed with entertainment as the last.

To represent ESF, our Sales and Marketing Executive Alex Lowry was active on the stand, with help from Muhammad Imran, a representative from ESF's partners for street furniture in the Middle East - Tanseeq LLC

Alex and Muhammad were kept very busy during their time in Riyadh with much interest shown for ESF's products by attendees over the 3 days.

Day one at SEA.

Experience UK had an impressive line-up of companies that took part in this Expo and which was a list that ESF were proud to be a part of.

See image above for all companies showcasing at the Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo as part of Experience UK.

Successful Day two at the SEA Expo.

Here you can see Alex and Muhammad with the BriteBin. This waste reduction bin is integrated with Smart IoT Technology and is 100% solar powered.

Equipped with an automated smart compactor, this bin will reduce collection of street litter by up to 90% by creating the most effective method of waste removal.

To find out more about this product click here.

An eventful day 2 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for our Sales and Marketing Executive Alex Lowry

Representing ESF, Alex had the honour of visiting the Royal Commission for Riyadh City | الهيئة الملكية لمدينة الرياض in addition to attending a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism of Saudi Arabia along with other members of Experience UK to discuss the aspiring plans to increase tourism to 100 million visits over the next seven years under the agenda of Saudi Vision 2030.

This long term vision presented by the ministry involves new and emerging projects throughout the Kingdom worth billions, with the ambitious end goal of becoming a global investment powerhouse.

The final day at SEA was among the busiest for ESF.

With much interest shown by those attending in our Smart product range, the BriteBin and Steora Solar Bench.

The Steora Solar Bench is a fully solar powered bench that comes equipped with 2 Qi Wireless Charging Ports and USB Fast Charging Wired Ports.

In addition to this, the Steroa Solar Bench has capabilities to come equipped with WIFI capability, Night-Time Illumination Lights, Advertising capability, a real time GPS Locator, and a wide range of more additions to make this the perfect bench for any urban area.

To find out more about this product click here

Here in the image above, you can see Alex photographed with Graham Ellis, the Middle East Specialist and Representative for the Department for Business and Trade, on the final day of the show.

We had an absolute blast exhibiting at this Expo. A big thank you to anyone who stopped by to have a chat and learn all about our us, our products, and the experience we have in the themed industry.

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