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Public Impact Protection System (PIPS) - HVM

Environmental Street Furniture have partnered with Asset & Frontline Security Services on a state-of-the-art outdoor dining perimeter security Post and Banner system.


The ‘PIPS’ system, utilises a removable HVM Post and Banner assembly which has been fully tested to IWA-14-1: 2013 standards at 30mph up to 1.5 tonnes. The tests have been successful at both 30 and 90 degree angles with dead stops of 0.0% penetration, preventing any part of the vehicle travelling past the product face.

The PIPS system aims to prevent and withstand the use of a vehicle as a deadly weapon. The Post and Banner system can withstand an impact at 30mph, simply capturing the oncoming vehicle, preventing them progressing forward into the safe zone, and at the same time immobilising and disabling the vehicle from further possible attacks.  

The PIPS System can be installed permanently, with the option to remove protection for maintenance to a site, or if a temporary measure is required at infrequent times for seasonal events, weekend market, sport events etc. The newly designed shallow foundation system is design specific to help avoid clashes with potential belowground services, remains a key feature of the PIPS System Design.

With the options available to change the Post finish to your own individual branding requirements, to marry with the Banner design, which will elevate the visual impact of your Product, organisation, or Event. The Banners are printable on both sides facilitating promotions and seasonal specials, which again strengthens branding for Optimal Visual Impact, capitalising on the PIPS Systems flexibility. 

The “PIPS” banner panels can be interchanged with other options such as planters, timber facade, green walling etc, enhancing the systems flexibility in seamlessly blending into the local environment, or to make the banner and post system a standout feature by introducing bold colour print panels with vertical flag poles, illuminated menu screens, choice of top of post finials with other options available.

PIPS System is proud to be British Designed, British Engineered and assured by testing to IWA 14-1 : 2013