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We are sop proud here at Environmental Street Furniture to be a part of the Face of Family Business

Face of Family Business - Environmental Street Furniture

The Face Of British Family Business


“It was a real pleasure collating the ‘face’ and we really do feel that this is a positive endorsement of the diversity of the family business sector across the UK today,” concludes Paul.

“We are proud to be a British family business and to be part of this campaign. 

There are over 6 million family firms across the UK today, employing over 12 million people and as a collective body they make a significant contribution to the economy of the UK through the provision of jobs, creation of wealth and income generation, not to mention the good they do in their local communities too. 

The ‘face’ represents the sector in a way that has never been portrayed before, celebrating the old and the new, together with the diversity of family business leadership too.”

“The ‘face’ is a great way to celebrate the importance of family firms across the UK who over the past 18 months have shown their resilience and strength in dealing with the pandemic. Many of the individuals featured are involved with long-standing family businesses that have been around for generations and see themselves as custodians of the business for future generations, continuing making decisions for the long term, innovating and demonstrating entrepreneurship to achieve their goals,” continues Paul.


FBU is a global champion of the family business sector and shares insights, news, research and much more.

Find out more at www.familybusinessunited.com

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