Hygiene and Covid-19 Safety Month

'Stand Up' hand sanitiser dispenser

Hygiene and Covid-19 Safety Month - Environmental Street Furniture

The contemporary design and functionality of the stand up is what makes it unique. the hand sanitizer station is ideal for businesses, supermarkets, opticians, pharmacies, car showrooms, banks, public and private offices, airports, hotels etc.

The “basic” version is supplied with an adjustable support that allows the client to position the sanitizing bottles (not included) of different sizes, however the customer can also choose to buy the automatic electric dispenser with photocell, or to apply containers for the disposable glove boxes and masks.

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Stand Up is easily customisable with the choice of the colour of the pedestal and the boxes (for quantities greater than 1000 pcs), it is also possible to apply a vinyl with the company logo or the brand (measures 15 x 15 cm).

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