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Street Charge

ESF have recently secured distribution for 'Street Charge' across Europe. Street Charge is the brand new and exciting solar powered, outdoor, mobile phone charging station, originally designed in the USA, is now available in the UK, Ireland and throughout Europe, through a new distribution agreement with Goal Zero, the designers, and Environmental Street Furniture.


The Street Charge concept is simple, it uses the sun’s rays to charge the internal batteries which in turn allow clients, customers, public etc to charge all makes of mobile phones or tablets at the same speed as a wall socket.This is a fantastic product to compliment free Wi-Fi now being made available in outdoor cafes, town and city centres, plazas, city parks, outlets malls, and shopping centres to name a few. It is also ideal for seasonal events such as music festivals, carnivals, fun fairs, maritime festivals and anywhere people need to charge their smart phones or tablets. You can also read about this product on our suppliers website: